What you Should Look for When Checking your Tires

Replacing your car tires at the right time can make all the difference in how safely you drive down the road. There are some obvious signs that you should pay attention to if you want to make sure your tires stay in the best shape.

Pay close attention to any bare spots in the tire tread. Not only could this result in the tire blowing out, it is very difficult for the car to grip the road in slick conditions which could make you lose control at higher speeds.

Cracks or bulges in the tire could show up, being caused by larger issues with parts of your vehicle.

If you put a penny in the tread and you still see Lincoln's head, it's time to get the tires replaced before you experience trouble.

Bring your vehicle to Gordie Boucher Mazda of Janesville and the team will inspect the tires and recommend if they need replacing.

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