Travel With Your Furry Pal This Holiday Season

Traveling with your pet is a really great way to make your companion feel special, and it will save you money and stress that often accompanies boarding your animal. It is important to pack for the occasion, though. Be sure to pack plenty of water and food, a leash, treats, and a favorite toy. For easy cleanup, you may want to bring some puppy pads or old newspaper to line your pup’s crate while you travel.

It is always best to keep your pet in a pet carrier, crate or special pet car seat when you travel. Gordie Boucher Mazda of Janesville has many roomy SUVs in stock, and you can take one out for a test drive today. SUVs are great for fitting all your cargo for upcoming holiday adventures. Keeping your pet in a carrier will not only keep your pet safe, but will protect the interior of your vehicle from scratches and fur. It also makes for much easier cleanup. Find a new Mazda SUV or sedan that can accommodate your pet and all of his belongings when you visit our Mazda dealership in Janesville!

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