The Correct Way to Safely Test a Car Battery

To test the car battery, you will need only a heavy-duty pair of work gloves, a voltmeter, protective eye-wear, and a wire brush.

Make sure the car lights and the motor isn't running when you open the hood, put on your gloves and glasses.

If the battery has signs of corrosion on either terminal, use the wire brush to create a clean contact for the cables.

Place the red cable from the voltmeter to the plus side of the car battery. Black cable to minus side of the battery.

The voltmeter is going to register 12.4 when the battery has a good charge. If the meter shows 12.2 or less, the battery has lost the ability to power the engine over and may not be able to hold the charge any longer.

If the battery shows signs of failing, come to the service center at Gordie Boucher Mazda of Janesville today before you wind up needing a jump-start.

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