Infotainment is More than Just Movies and Music

Vehicles have become much more than a means to transport drivers and their passengers from one place to another. Especially on long trips, they have become a place to get information and enjoy various types of entertainment.

At its simplest, infotainment describes in-car communications, entertainment and data. This information is usually controlled and sometimes presented by a large screen in the center of the dashboard. Every vehicle manufacturer has its own infotainment system, usually with a branded name. All have a substantial amount of computing power and have the ability to run a variety of smartphone applications in addition to giving you information on traffic, geographical location and more in addition to audio and sometimes video choices.

All of our new vehicles are equipped with infotainment systems. Stop by Gordie Boucher Mazda, conveniently located in Janesville, WI to learn more about our systems from our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff.

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