The Alluring Design of the Mazda3 5-Door

Hatchbacks are a common sight on the roads with some models being more popular than others. The Mazda3 5-Door proudly boasts a high level of popularity. The design features on this vehicle contribute mightily to its well-deserved popularity.

The exterior captivates people on the street. However, the opinion of the driver counts the most. Mazda chose to devise an interior intended to support the driver's -- and passenger's -- experience. The seats embody special contouring, which should make driving both comfortable and relaxing. Added space in the interior further builds on these traits.

The most striking design feature is the "Soul of Motion" concept. Designers approach the design vehicle with personal creativity. Experimentation goes into the design process to arrive at a brilliant-looking car. The end result stays true to the original vision for the hatchback.

Looking at the design may leave you intrigued to try driving the Mazda3 5-Door in Janesville. How about coming to our showroom at Gordie Boucher Mazda of Janesville and take a test drive?



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