Have Your Brakes Serviced at The First Sign of Damage

Cars are a lot like our bodies. Before a cold develops into a full-blown illness that requires leave of absence from work, prolonged bed rest, or hospitalization, we find ways to quickly diminish the virus before symptoms get worse. Car performance should be treated to the same degree.

When brakes become worn, there are many signs that can be easily noticed when the car is being driven. The most apparent being loud noises emanating from the brake pads and calipers whenever they are pressed against the wheel rotors. Other red flags include weakening brake pedals, anti-lock brake warning signal lights near the odometer, hydraulic fluid leaking under the area of brake pads that are affected, and unusual jerky movements when brakes are applied. When these events happen to a car, it is a good indication that either one or several of the brake pads need to be amended or completely overhauled.

If your automobile is showing signals of needing urgent care, you should make it a duty to have it fixed accordingly at the earliest time possible. For all repairs and inspections, our service center is your destination for solving problems before they morph into potential headaches. Remember, preempting upsets before they happen makes better drivers. We look forward to seeing you at 2727 US Highway 14 soon!

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