Who Created the Word Horsepower?

The word horsepower has a unique origin. Most people have an idea of what it means. It represents engine capabilities in vehicles and various machines. Some car enthusiast is very well-versed on the concept of horsepower and what it means in the type of vehicle they intend to buy. Others have a more casual relationship with the term.

The actual word was created by a steam engine builder named James Watt in the 1800s. Watt had created a new engine and was attempting to market his product to the masses. He needed a way to explain to people exactly what his invention was capable of. James had worked in the coal mines watching horses handle your business. He estimated that each animal could do 22000 pounds of work in one minute. He pushed the number to 33000 pounds and applied it to his steam engines. His theory means that a car with 1 horsepower can pull 33 pounds in 1 minute.

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