Is it Time for Your Regular Oil Change Service?

The motor oil in your vehicle is incredibly important, as it is designed to help your engine run efficiently and smoothly. It is important that you get regular maintenance performed on your vehicle and have oil changes done regularly. When it comes to the facts of how often to have this done and what you should use, there can be all kinds of information out there, and not all of it is true. Let's take a look at some common motor oil myths that you should ignore:

  • MYTH - You need to use the type of motor oil that came in your vehicle (synthetic versus conventional) and cannot switch.
  • MYTH - A new vehicle needs an oil change within 2,000 miles of owning it.
  • MYTH - Dark oil is always a bad thing.

Many of these myths are not true, and you should always consult the professionals at our Mazda service facility or your owner's manual before making any final decisions about your motor oil.

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